Exploration through camera lens


Bio: I have done many things in my life, most recently exploring expressions in different art forms. My preferred media include: PHOTOGRAPHY: I have traveled a lot and try to capture beauty with the innocent eye of a curious camera. Places I've photographed over years include; Asia, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. TRADITIONAL ARTS: Acrylic and watercolour painting, creative collage, stained glass, and sculpture, mixed media DOMESTIC ARTS: Flower arrangements, sugar sculpture and artistic cake design. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS: Solo show at Gallerie Corri d'Art du Centre Culturel de Cornwall, Ontario 2011 Collaborated with Focus Art Artist, Cornwall, On. to produce a triptych for Easter 2009 Participated in the Focus Art annual juried show 2008 won the first prize in photography "Child in Sunset" Participated in the annual show at the CRAIG, Cornwall, ON, 2007

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