Home sweet home

plumeria flower

Where would I love to live?  Good question for me a mortal. Let’s dream, could I be the spirit in a flower. How about living in the heart of a Rose or on a Magnolia petal or maybe a hammock in the center of a Plumeria flower.. Yes  a Plumeria flower on the beach in Hawaii, relaxing breathing the sweet perfume. Listening to the cool breeze among the green foliage, warm and peaceful on the velvet of the light yellow and creamy whites of its petals. Laying there and looking at the light blue skies and seeing the translucent cloud dancing, dance of love, serenity, peaceful and untouchable just pure exuberance  Ah! ummm. Closing my eyes again I am moving to the softness of peace, cuddling to the heart of the Plumeria flower , can you smell it ,can you feel it yet? yes just breath in home sweet home.

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